These two features makes YouTube a great app for music.


io there seems to be no YTM Android TV app, and I searched entire GitHub for it. com) microG: 0.

Youtube Music Revanced does not work with Android auto.

YouTube Vanced includes an auto-repeat feature that automatically replays videos once they reach the end.

May 12, 2023 · Note: We have added ReVanced Builds since Vanced was discontinued. . Seek Bar - There are some long music mixes or playlists converted into one large file, the ability to fast forward the long track is not possible.

Browser, Kiwi Browser, etc.

. Lots of topics like the hottest music videos, fashion, popular in-game content, news, beauty, learning, and more. .

YouTube Music Vanced is discontinued as of Mar 13, 2022. .


Update 22 (May 15, 2023) 05:16 pm (IST): The most recent activities on YouTube are considering fighting rival services or applications that could harm their ability to monetize through ads.

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. Open the Vanced manager app and tap on the "Magisk" icon to grant root permissions.

Bro go in Android auto settings in your Android and then tap on version info for 10 times.
Thank you u/antfiya92, for posting on r/revancedapp!.

At the end of developer options you'll find unknown sources.


These are the apps I am using and their version numbers: YT Music : 3. I'm using legit apps from legit devs from XDA. 51-38651270_minAPI21(arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,x86)(nodpi)_apkmirror.

204218 Anyautoaudio : 0. apps. . These two features makes YouTube a great app for music. . .


Please make sure to take a look at our rules before submitting a post or comment, as otherwise it could get deleted. 05:05 pm (IST): The list of downloads from the unofficial Vanced repository (Cuynu) now even includes a version of the app for Android Auto.

When you play a video, you’ll notice that there are no ads.


The Copy Video URL ReVanced patch adds a dedicated button in the video player UI to.

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