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Feb 14, 2017 · The battery registration takes only a few seconds and you can even put in different battery-types and capacities.

. The local BMW indy shop wants $125 to code and register my battery but at that price id rather buy my own equipment for future use so Ive been doing some looking at old forums regarding battery registration and coding with the Carly app and dongle but I am left with a few questions.

The BMW scanner tool is simply plugged into the.


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When you contact them for help, you get useless information, so I canceled my subscription and bought an Autel MX808 reader and diagnostic tablet.

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See more. Steps: 1) Download the Carly app on your device ($44.


Confirm vehicle profile ( BMW 3 series E90 2011), tap “Model”.

Confirm vehicle profile ( BMW 3 series E90 2011), tap “Model”. .

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AUTOPHIX Enhanced BMW Full Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool 7910 BMW.

That is itthe new battery is registered with the car.

In order to complete BMW battery registration, you will need a scan tool that can carry battery registration.

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5 Inches Width: 4. . -> Carly Universal Scanner : Switch WiFi off; Run the engine; Set communication speed to „slow“ To keep in mind 💡: The battery registration informs the car that some battery-related values have to be determined again. Choose “BMW”. Length: 9. Choose “BMW”.


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Carly battery registration.

Sep 7, 2018 · Option 1: Carly BMW + ELM327 Adapter Overview: Carly is an Android/iOS app that can be used to painlessly register and code a new battery.

on the subject of DPF or battery change.

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